Eurorack Vidiot? I went for it

My first attempt at a custom panel. Laser printed glossy paper applied to hand drilled/filed steel plate and sprayed with matte clear coat. I know the bottom edge is F’d. The Vidiot guts barely fit between the rails, and I was not ready. I’ll make a new one where all the screws fit maybe, later… Above is a WIP 3D printed back panel with a 3.5" preview monitor and a nice big eyeball dude with room to mount a rPi underneath for waaavepool n stuff…


That is ingenious, I love that it’s hand drilled and finished - well done!
How messy is it underneath? Show us some pics

This looks amazing!
Have you got a breakout panel for all of the inputs from the rear?

@Marizu The black 3D printed thing with a screen above the Vidiot is the back panel.


@Rik_bS No mess just the sexy red vidiot board with stock ribbon cable to back panel. The only “mod” to the Vidiot guts was to solder a small cut off end of an RCA cable to the input loop connection for the screen. Going to add a switch and another connection to the color output since I’m mostly using the RGB outputs to Structure now.

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Bravo! :clap: Looks rad. Well done!

The preview monitor is a nice touch. Bravo!

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Super job! The monitor is very nice.