ESG3 Sync Issue

My assumption is that the Syntonie decoder is not at fault, it should just be passing sync through with no timing modification.

Seeing horizontal jitter from other sources as well, such as these cheap Chinese TV tuners I’ve got. But I chalked that up to … cheapness. Figured the Roland switcher would be more robust.

Need some sort of image onscreen to see the jitter, a flat matte from ESG3 wouldn’t be a good test. But I am seeing the jitter when patching DSG3 patterns into ESG3.

I’ll continue to run tests, e.g. bypassing the VU003B. Maybe it’s a power issue. In this rack, the Gen3 modules are powered by a 5A DC Distro, everything else powered by Doepfer PSU3.

Also had the rig running for several hours yesterday for the first time, and saw sync completely drop out for a few seconds, a couple of times.

Just got my capture system working, don’t have any examples to share yet.