Empress Effects Euroburo

Is anyone using an Euroburo in your setups? Seems like a great way to modulate CV.

no - & I wouldn’t… because really it isn’t a great way to modulate cv - it’s an overly complicated soft-synth modular in a module with a horrible interface… it’s the epitome of ‘synthesis with modules’ not modular synthesis!!!

there are countless better ways to get more modulation sources for less than the price of the ZOIA… Pams, any quad lfo, some cheap audio vcos (ones that don’t track properly will do) - some of which may need scaling, some might not…

I’d even rather use a dc-coupled audio interface and vcvrack running on my macbook pro than the ZOIA…


I use one in my setup. It has the four cv outs as well as midi in/out. If you send audio into the euroburo you can use that audio to generate all kinds of control for an audio reactive system. It’s not an easy to make adjustments on the fly unless you use a midi controller with it and then it is a lot of setup before hand but it is very flexible once it is configured to how you like it. Definitely not for everyone as it takes a lot of forethought to plan out all the connections and if you’re not using the midi out to control something you are limited to just 4 cv outs. The Acid Rain Maestro is smaller and gives you six clocked cv outputs that has honestly been more immediately useful using a tempi with tap tempo.