DW03 not working properly


I just turned on my system and noticed that my DW03 suddenly stopped working properly. The ranges that are set when it turns on are the only ones that work, and when I want to change the range modes, I need to turn it off, change the range mode, and turn it back on. I’m also not receiving any motion at all, and the frequency knobs are not changing anything except for the range 1/2 lights.

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Thank you.

I had a similar issue when I redid my sync chain. Turned out I had to put DSG3 last in chain, after DWO3 in chain (or maybe I need to tweak the dip switches on back of DSG3 to get it elsewhere in chain, but works for now).
Have you checked the sync connection and chain?


The behavior you’re describing sounds like the module is not receiving sync on the rear connector.

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Heyo, that was exactly it. I switched the DSG3 and DWO3 in the sync chain, and it worked perfectly. I am going ESG3>FKG3>DWO3>DSG3. Thank you again my friends!