DSG3 will not sync (accept or send?)

Looking for advice please.

Using the DSG3 with either my ESG3 or Visual Cortex, it will not send a stable sync.
I can’t find any documentation on the dip switch setting, but it was working fine previously.

I can confirm it’s not my ESG3 as this is working fine with my TBC2 and other modules

Any assistance with testing please

My DSG has all the switches DOWN/OFF and ACCEPTS sync from ESG thru a couple other modules first. I switch back and forth between SD & HD frequently so having ESG as the Sync Master is the most convenient (front DIP switches) and I believe recommended way to go. That’s also the only way I could get upscaling with TBC2 to work. So ESG (master)>TBC2>DWO>DSG>etc… If you want to sync it with Visual Cortex (or other SD things) and scale that up, I think you need to have the SD stuff on a separate sync chain and then run that thru TBC2 and sync that chain thru the front.

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Thanks for this

So if you route the sync through other modules, it works fine, but if you route it direct from the ESG3 it doesn’t?
How does it perform direct to your Visual Cortex?

Thank you for contacting support@lzxindustries.net via email. We can help sort out the sync issue.

Posting for continuity/others here:
I sent my DSG3 for an RMA and LZX have found fault and repaired - so no oddities with settings or anything, in this example!

Thanks @Z0NK0UT for your assistance on this!