DSG3 'ramp replacement input' but on Expedition

I love the instant complexity of the DSG3 when one ramp ‘feeds back’ to modify the shape of the other ramp - I think what is happening is that one H or V is being replaced with a different one? I’m wondering what is the most efficient way to do this in Expedition. So far I have:

VC HV to VC red input
VC H to Bridge (mixer section)+ a V ramp from a cadet VCO, out to green input.

Is that the same thing that’s going on under the hood in DSG3?


Damn - the only one I never picked up. Yeah, I can see it clearly as a logic function just from those inputs, thank you. Looks like I have to get a DSG3 if I want the Arch function - can’t see there’s any other modules planned for that, though a new DIY Arch without the ramps of DSG3 would open up lots of possibilities.

Not sure whatever became of this project: [WIP] Analog Logic

Hopefully will come to fruition at some point!


I think this might be a relevant module too:


And this:



GAMMA covers the lower right hand section of Arch.

There’s also RECT which covers the upper right hand section of Arch.


Ah! Yes, I thought there was another one, but forgot which it was.