All About Arch

Nonlinear Functions

I am Arch. I span the thoroughfares of your video instrument with my continuous lines and splendid ornamentation. I can show you new routes! Over, atop and between your well worn paths: join, constrain, bend and split shape and form with the magic of my nonlinear processes.

  • 2-input, 5-output wideband analog logic.** Binary logic can only see two colors: black and white. Analog logic processes the continuous grayscale range of your analog signal path, enabling organic combinations of video images and patternmaking elements.

  • 1-input, 3-output full wave rectifier and frequency doubler.** We love this circuit – you can find it in the signal paths of Staircase, Shapechanger and Navigator. With an input triangle wave, you get a triangle wave at double the frequency at your output.

  • 1-input, 2-output gamma processor.** An infinitely usable function, gamma processing adjusts the brightness of mid-gray level while keeping black and white points consistent. The square function darkens grays, and the log function brightens them.


  • Width, 8HP
  • Mounting Depth, 32mm
  • Power +12V @ 65mA
  • Power -12V @ 65mA

User Reference

Patching Tips

  • Logic processing is a great way to create new shape variations. At any point in your shape generation patch, patch the H and V ramp signals into Arch’s analog logic section and use the outputs to create shapes and keys.
  • The Square and Log outputs are complementary functions. If you patch them into the A and B inputs of a crossfader module, you can achieve the full Log-to-Linear-to-Exponential morph, which is a powerful technique.


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