Doorway blank signal

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Apologies if something like this has been addressed before, I didn’t see any past posts that seemed to match my issue but I may be mistaken.

I got one of the project yellowjacket Doorways, and have only had a tiny bit of time since the spring to even power up my rack, so my new Doorway has only gotten a tiny bit of airtime since purchase. However, I have only been able to get the Doorway to output a solid full-screen field of color.

I am routing from my Fortress/Diver into the Doorway, and from the Doorway into the RGB inputs of my Memory Palace. However no matter which outputs from fortress/diver i use, or however i configure the knobs/switches on the Doorway I am just getting a solid positive output from the Doorway with no semblance of keying, foreground, background, etc. Is there a secret trick to getting this module to behave as expected, like a switch that I may be missing somewhere? Would love to know if this is a user error or if my module is in need of some more technical TLC. Thanks all!

Do you have photos of your patch and the output you’re getting that you can share?

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  • Fortress, Oscillator #1

  • Doorway

  • Memory Palace Pass Through

  • Doorway Fill Inversion & Memory Palace Zoom

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Hey Mfrosbot, @7pip has helped an awful lot by including a photo of the panel with suggested settings for passing a signal through. The middle Switch toggles between solid & outline. If you input a diamond ramp from Visual Cortex, it’ll be solid if the switch is at the bottom position and will have a space in the middle in Outline mode (switch in the up position) depending on the Threshold & Gain knob positions.
The key thing are the top two pots. If they are both at the full or 5pm position & you’ve got signals going in there, I think you’ll get the Whiteout problem. First just use the regular input & not the FG & BG inputs, position the top knobs as 7Pip has suggested. Hopefully you haven’t got a defective module :crossed_fingers:


Thank you @7pip , this was super helpful. I think something may have been amiss with the Doorway’s power connection, as I scrolled through the settings you specified here to no avail for a while, and then the next time I turned my rack on the Doorway seemed to be working. The next couple of times I powered on the rack it was kind of hit or miss so I wasn’t sure for a while if it was the module or something else, but now it seems to work pretty consistently. Thanks again for your thorough response! Greatly appreciated.