DIY Library files for video projects


I thought, it would be handy for us DIYers to have a database of video parts.
These files can be for whatever program you use, like Eagle, Diptrace, Fritzing etc.

I use Eagle, so I have made some parts like the LT1251 and the TL431
Also, I’ve made an Alpha potmeter library with 9mm vertical and right angled parts and 16mm right angled parts.

I can’t upload these here (IDK if this can be changed ?) , so I’ll post 'm on my site for now.
If you have parts, I can add them!


I was pointed to this site:

which have a lot of parts. for all layout programs.
the site is free (you need to make an account though, but that’s easy)

I will still collect all video parts and post 'm on my own site. Just to have them together.
some parts I made are not on that site yet, like a TH version of the lt1251.

Martijn, I just found this. Thank you very much, very helpful indeed!

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