DIY and custom video modules gallery


Post pics of your DIY and custom video modules.
Please give info on what it does and how you made it.

I’ll start:
Custom panel for Cadet 1, 2 and 3. Sync generator, Video in and Output Encoder.
Encoder outputs are normaled together. 2x Luma for easy patching
Size is about 4U, because that fitted in my case.
BNC connectors for video in and outs.
Lasercut wooden panel with Novanex knobs.


Sandin triple Function Generator.
DIY pcb. The inputs are normaled together to save patch cables.


Sandin dual Differentiator.
DIY pcb. with double outputs for easy feedback patching


Dual VCO
With Squarewave output mod


LZX Summing mixer
DIY pcb with 2 output jacks for easy feedback patching


Single VCO
DIY pcb. With Squarewave output mod and cooler panel :japanese_goblin:


Really dig the wood panels! Its a great look. How thin must you get them for jacks/pots to fit?


About 3mm. but I also use a countersink drill to get the jacks to fit . sometimes the wood is a few mm thicker.


All new Castle ones together :slight_smile:

Castle Triple Logic gates (1/3 wired)

Castle Quad DAC

Castle Dual ADC (one side finished)

Castle Dual Clock VCO (one side finished. panel labeling is wrong, so maybe I’ll make a new one)


thats really nice, goos job


yeah, love it!

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LZX Quad Processor

note: other DIY’ers can post here too!!