Diver LFO ramp waves

I’m enjoying Diver’s H/V scrolling as both visible waves and CV. I’m curious if the next firmware rev will include a wider range of speeds, especially ultra-slomo? Are there other good options for ramp waves in the LZX ecosystem? My go-to in Eurorack is Dixie.


I was able to approximate ramp-type effects with an Instruo Tona and a WMD S.P.O. I synced the Tona to the v-sync (gate sync works as well) of a Visual Cortex. Within the entire frequency range of the Tona, the was a smaller window where the lines would stop scrolling. The results I achieved ranged from a v-ramp, to a v-ramp thru a doorway movable line, to a multi-line 80’s dithered look from the waveshaper output. I was able to achieve further variations by feeding back the Tona outputs into the fm and waveshaper cv inputs.

I’d share some of my captures from that session, however I’m having some formatting issues with those files.

Other VCO’s that I’m interested in trying are the Instruo TSL, which has a square wave shaper, and the Joranalogue Generate 3, which uses harmonic addition to generate different waveforms. I feel any eurorack VCO could work in this context as long as there is a sync input to lock in a steady line and that the 5v signals are scaled into 0-1v.


+1 for selectable animation ranges on Diver, that would be amazing. I’m always trying to slow it right down, and end up using the same small section in the faders.


I’m trying a new patch for slow-scrolling the Diver; I’m having some success with this signal flow:

Dixie > Cadet V Scaler > BSO Quad Video Attenuator/Mixer > Diver H Phase VC in

For some reason, I cannot get smooth looping by attenuating the Dixie with Passage in place of QVAM?

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What does the Dixie’s waveform look like post-Passage before hitting the Diver H Phase VC In compared to what it looks like with QVAM? It’s possible a small offset is being applied with Passage’s Bias pots which may affect how smoothly the Diver’s H phase is modulated. QVAM only does straight attenuation (or mixing) but no offsets are involved.


My scope is in another case in my studio, while my LZX is in my bedroom…
You’re right @rempesm , I should use a scope with the Passage. Still, I usually can find the sweet spot with enough knob twiddling…

I have to move out of this studio so I’m working with half my toolkit out of reach

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I’m still having difficulties getting smooth loops. Also, the Dixie ramp into the V Sync thru Scaler/QVAM acts like a triangle wave, and I can’t get rid of the offset so it pauses every cycle. Furthermore, square waves from the Dixie into V Phase CV seem to be slewed (edit: oh, I forgot that the sliders are slewed too. I really like the default amount of slew but can it be disabled?) because it doesn’t jump immediately from one position to the next. Square waves into H Phase jump back and forth but with a little glitch at each end (edit: I forgot to send Frame sync to the Dixie; the loops are cleaner but still prone to pause or jump)

Hopefully we get greater range/resolution/control with the Diver firmware upgrade…?

Here’s the best results so far, running Dixie at audio frequency into H Sync via Scaler/QVAM: