Delivery in France before Oct 10th

Hello LZX,

I’m a French video artist living in Shanghai. Because of the on going trade war between USA and China importing anything is subject to very expensive taxes here. It happens to me recently when I bought a BPMC glitch machine which was caught by the customs…

I have been watching LZX stuff for a while now and it looks really cool so it’s time for me to buy some. I will be back in France for holiday and go back to China on October 10th, so my question is, which module are could be shipped to France before that date ? This way I could take it back in China with me.

I see the Orion series starting in October but the 10th might be too early to receive it maybe.

Thank you for any infos.

Hi there,

Any module listed as “In Stock” on our website is ready for immediate shipment. If you want your order shipped immediately, make sure it contains only in stock items. As far as upcoming restock goes, if the item is in production there will be a date listed. Right now that includes Visual Cortex, which will ship before the end of September (well within your time window.) So if you order a system containing Visual Cortex and some other in stock modules, it would ship within your time frame. Please contact us at if you need to confirm any details.

We also have dealers in Europe, but you’d have to check with them on their stocking levels of different modules.

ok thanks for the infos.