De-Interlacing Plugins

I’ve been using FCP X’s built in de-interlacing for all my work until now.
(My video synthesis portfolio:

I’ve been researching alternative higher quality de-interlacing,
tests with these two products free trials look promising and better results.

Curious if anyone has any experience or opinions about this?
Thank you!

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Following up, my opinion is the level of control available and results were better with FieldsKit, purchasing later today for a music video that had to be cut in FCP X to use pixel sorting transitions.
License on website looks like it would only work on FCP X, but I confirmed with them that buying it once will also work on Premiere and AE.

I’m planning on testing Resolve’s de-interlacing soon.
For Premiere I learned last night about the Clip > Video Options > Field Options > Flicker Removal menu action and it also has interesting results where you don’t lose the lower field when de-interlacing.
This workflow was recommended for Topaz Machine Learning Upscaling of Interlaced content.
Neat program for upscaling content, but I doubt the algorithm has been trained for video synthesis. Might test it with some LZX content anyhow.

Curious if anyone else has anything to add to the conversation?