Requesting help on the technical part

Hi friends? I’m always getting a lot of help thanks to you guys! Thanks to you, I can use many effects. I don’t know how to express my gratitude. Because you’re no different than helping a young man work on media art to graduate school. But I always crave better works and want to use more effects. Right now I’m really new, and I think I’m not good enough because I only work with one V-4.

And while looking at references as usual, I found the techniques I really need and the parts I really want to try.

I attached three links.
Number 1 and number 2 are when an object moves, and then the afterimage of the object follows, just like the ninja cartoon “KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU”. There’s something I want to say through that effect. If the information I saw is not wrong, I think I use a machine called Fairlight CVI. But that machine is so old that it’s hard to get… If you happen to know a machine that allows you to use such an afterimage effect, please recommend it!

In the case of number 3, glitch effects seem to come out only in certain areas. Is it possible to have that effect on my V-4? If possible, please let me know. If it is impossible to implement in V-4, please let me know what method you used.

Only a few people in Korea handle this process like our community, and it is actually an unexplored field. Sometimes when I’m upset and sad that something doesn’t work, it’s a great pleasure and study for me to ask you questions and get answers.
I’ve never seen you in person, but I think all of you here are so nice people. I sincerely hope God bless you, what you do, and your family.

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P.S. I’ll attach my Vimeo link when I post my next post!


For Videos 1 & 2. You would need a frame buffer, like on the CVI. The LZX Memory Palace can do these types of effects, however, at the moment, it is almost as difficult to find as a CVI, and extra pricey as well. The quickest and easiest way to get these effects is through computer software. Maybe someone else can chime in on this.

For Video 3, you could take two copies of the same signal. Send one to the V4, and another to a glitch device, say a Syntonie CVB001, into another channel of the V4. Then you can dial in a wipe to blend both channels.


for the trails effect - you might try Lumen (from Paracosm) if you are on a Mac (which may get you somewhere in that direction) or possibly praxis_live (which is more Java coding - but there is some drag and drop functionality), otherwise I think you’d probably be looking at something like touch designer

for the glitch - there’s the syntonie module/device already mentioned as well as lots of other glitchy processors - blind pauper and tachyons+ (at the higher end) otherwise for cheaper processors - try searching etsy - or finding any old cheap video mixer/processor and search for how to circuit bend it (I’d do this before buying though!)


Signal Culture’s Frame Buffer app is a nice little down and dirty software option as well.

But, yeah, TouchDesigner from Derivative would be more powerful, but also much more of a learning curve.


Hi Sean ! Thanks for recommend Frame Buffer app
I downloaded it and opened it, all good wow, this app is very very close to what I was looking for. but I don’t know how to save it lol. if you know how to save I would like to know

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The LZX Memory Palac; that is more than 1000 box :cold_face: too expensive
CVB001 is quite expensive but I can buy it. thanks this info is very useful to me. If I buy CVB001 I will show you .

Have nice day!


the software can be the answer! Thanks a lot!
have a nice day!

I don’t have the latest version, so not 100% sure to be honest.

The old version had a big red RECORD button. Simple.

The new version might not I guess…? But, if not, you should be able to send video out via Syphon (Mac) or Spout (PC) to their free recorder app. (This might also require installing a plugin for that protocol.)

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for what it is the Memory Palace is more like reasonably priced than expensive… but I get where you’re coming from…

the CVB001 is also available DIY which can save a fair bit of money if you can solder!

& quite frankly if you think it’s expensive I’d really learn to solder… not that it will save you that much money imo (you spend the same and end up with more things that aren’t necessarily able to do as much)

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FYI Syphon doesn’t appear to be supported on new Macs… which is a real pain - I had to change my workflow - now using OBS as virtual webcam for playing video clips into Lumen instead of using Syphon - which was really handy especially with praxis_live and processing3 where you could set up feedback loops (which I don’t think I can do anymore)

Ugh, really? I guess I haven’t really done much with video software since purchasing my new laptop. What a pain. But doesn’t surprise me at all, given my experience with Macs over the years. One more reason I will need to keep my old laptop alive and running.

EDIT: looks like there is a new version which runs on the NDI protocol? Anyone use this?

There’s a new metal version of syphon. It’s moving to official release and will be compatible with the openGL version.


Excellent - let’s hope praxis_live and processing3 implement it quickly… or at least someone writes a library for them!