Color displacement

I remember seeing in FB some years ago someone using possibly a malekko audio module for color displacement but as I’m not in FB anymore I can’t check if I can find it.

If I recall correctly it was a buffered attenuverter or something like that. Might have been a VCA as well.

I’d love to get that kind of functionality to my setup. Any recommendations?

Would be cool if the TBC2 had this kind of thing built in.

Do you have any visual examples of what you mean by color displacement or can you try to explain it more?

An attenuverter would just change the amplitude or invert the signal around 0V. A VCA would just change the amplitude of the signal under voltage control.

If the module you’re referring to wasn’t wide bandwidth capable, like most audio modules, the effect it would most likely produce in a video synth patch is a low pass filter which blurs the signal. A purpose-built module for video rate low pass (and hi pass!) filtering is FELT from @Fox. If you’re trying to do direct RGB blurring, you’d need three of them.


Thanks for the reply!

The video I was referring to was of some kind of a vector graphics based computer game material being processed so that iirc the reds were being shifted to the right a little bit.

The module in question might have been the Erogenous Tones VC8. It would be a bit pricey and an overkill for that effect alone. :slight_smile:

This effect is often times used in digitally made trippy videos that imitate analog stuff etc.

I will definitely look into that filter, thanks for the tip!!

Elements of an image shifting to the right in the analog domain is almost certainly a low pass filter.


you can offset individual RGB channels to create this kind of effect
is this the kind of thing you are talking about?