[ORDER] BLUR , an analog video effect module

Hi all :slight_smile:
The BLUR module is ready!


An analog Blur effect for video synthesis.
This module uses a lowpass filter to achieve blur / softening trail type effects.
It has a blur amount potmeter, a gain adjustment to match/unmatch the blurred image to the dry signal when using CV and a switch for 3 different blur range settings.
There is an input jack, output jack and video rate CV control over DRY / WET (no effect / effect)
You can use this effect on all kinds of video shapes or video input signals for interesting results.
With camera feedback you can create (voltage controlled) soft trailing wash-outs and fades.
The CV input can be adjusted between 0-1v or 0-5v for easy interfacing with other eurorack modules.


  • Blur amount pot
  • Gain adjust pot (to match the dry signal to the blurred tint, or offset the gain for other effects)
  • Blur range > 3way switch (blur/blurry/extreme smear)
  • Input jack
  • CV over dry / wet signal
  • Output jack
  • 4HP black panel

trimpot for cv range (0-1v to 0-5v) with testpad
trimpot for gain adjust
jumper for blur to white or blur to black* more on this in the upcoming buildguide

Note on parts:
This module has a few expensive parts, such as 1x LT1251 & 2x LM6172 and trimpots.

I’ll make a demo video soon!

Prices: ex shipping

PCB set: 35,- euro
Full kit: 135,- euro
Module: 160,- euro

Shipping is 15,- euro worldwide with tracking.

If you are interested, please reply with the amount and type (pcbs, kit or module)
This way I know how much parts I have to order. I have 30 pcb sets in stock. (more will be ordered later)

A few other projects will be released soon, shipping can be combined.
(3TrinsRGB output expander, 3trinsRGB triple comparator v6, XFADE)

more info, BOM (updated 08-07-22) and a short video clip:


Looks great! Is that price in Euros and does it include shipping? Thanks :slight_smile:

Shipping info & currency & BOM link added in 1st post.

Here are three screengrabs.
the black and white ones are with keyed shapes into the CV input,
The color one is with camera feedback and blur on the red channel.
blur range on the ‘extreme’ setting

Shape effects with Keyed shapes with a VCO on the CV , horizontal, vertical, triangle and squarewave


Looks great! I’m interested in purchasing 2 built modules.

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Interested in a PCB set!

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I’d definitely like a PCB & Panel set please.
@VanTa & @cinema.av, how about ye guys? A Berlin group buy?

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Sign me up for one PCB set, please!

I’ve been putting off an item on my to-do list that is to design basically this exact module. So this saves me the work. Haha.

I’ll hold off for now, but probably order when XFADE is released (gotta collect them all!)

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Ordering some dpdt sub-miniature pcb mount switch soon, for the XFADE (I did not know they are hard to get, so bear with me).


si! por favor :slight_smile: muchas gracias


Cinema.av told me he’d also like one. 2 other people here as well so count me in for 5x PCB and Panel sets.

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I’ll take a built one

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you can count me for 5 pcb/panel.

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the pcb sets are ready to ship. I’ve send out PM’s

The build ones need a few parts that I’m ordering now. (LT1251 & trimpots)


I will take one built module please :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


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jwsmithwick1 3x module - shipped
robbertunist 5x pcb - shipped
joem 1x pcb - shipped
Danyel 1x module contacted
Imbadlypoisend 5x pcb set - shipped
dubpixel 3x module shipped
AladinB 1x module shipped
stith 1x pcb set - shipped
limpasen 1x module shipped
allthesixes666 3x pcb - shipped
Bittahwizard 1x pcb - shipped
imageofsin 1x pcb - shipped
jsonpayload 2x modules shipped
Kent 1x kit contacted

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My error- should be 3x for me if possible.

Brilliant. I would like:
Module: 160,- euro

Cheers mate.

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Hi, looks super-cool!
I’d like three PCB sets, please :slight_smile:
And if there’s any other UK people interested - happy to do a mini-group-buy…

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If there are any pcb sets left, I’d like one

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