[WIP] XFADE - RGB crossfader

Note: this project is almost ready to go, I’m waiting on some parts.
The previous version (without the switch) worked 100%, so I have good hopes :slight_smile:
When this module test OK, I’ll create an Order thread!

What is it?
A RGB Crossfade module with switchable normalisation routings.
The XFADE has one crossfade potmeter, 1x switch to change the normalisations, 2×3 input jacks,
3x CV jacks and 3x output jacks.

With the switch you can crossfade between two sets of full RGB signals with one knob or one CV source.
Other routings let you use the potmeter for crossfading separate channels while controlling one or more channels with CV sources.
The CV voltage range can be set from 0-1volt up to 0-5volt with a trimpot on the backside.

It uses 3x LT1251 and 1x LM6172

2x 3 channel inputs
3x CV inputs
3x output jacks
1x Switch
1x Potmeter

project page:


Frontpanel without jack nuts

backside without IC’s


hell yea! I’m so excited more crossfaders are going to be available! they’re some of my favorite composition tools


the ordered part (sub miniature dpdt switch) is soldered and works as intended.
I’ll do some more tests , but it looks like this project is ready to launch :slight_smile:

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