Control Voltage in Tachyons+ Gear: Chromagnon, Korg SQ1 Step Sequencer, or MakeNoise Wogglebug?


I currently have a Tachyons+ Psycheniser, which has two CV inputs (-5V, +5V) which I would like to make use of.
Logan recommends the MakeNoise Wogglebug ($450AUD) for some wild, crazy signals to animate the gear’s glitch effects.
I saw someone used the Korg S10 step sequencer ($190AUD) with their Psycheniser and achieved what they wanted (I’m assuming a more uniform beat/pulse?).

Now I’m wondering, which of the two should I get? What is a step sequencer and how would it apply to this?

I have a Chromagnon on pre-order also, does that have any CV outputs?

Thanks heaps!

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The Wogglebug outputs random voltages at a clocked rate, whereas the sequencer outputs user-defined voltages at a clocked rate.

I would recommend starting with the sequencer because it allows you to program voltage patterns that you can send to both audio and video synthesizers.


The Korg SQ1 is nice because it can send out voltage scaled to an LZX-friendly 0-1V. Also, it’s standalone and battery powered. If you get a Wogglebug, you will have to get a Eurorack case to use it.
Chromagnon will have control voltage inputs and outputs to patch with SQ1 and your Tachyons gear.


Thanks for the reply!

On the Korg website, under the CV Out Voltage it says “1V, 2V, 5V (Oct) 8V (Hz/V)”

The T+ gear operates at a -5, +5 V range so I’m assuming this will be fine, but what does Oct mean in this context?

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2v/octave etc

8V(Hz/V) is for buchla synthesizers iirc

normal eurorack audio oscillators track at 1v/oct - each note is represented by a 1/12 of an octave offset from the octave do for example c3 might be 3V, c1 would be 1V, c4 would be 4V - d3 would be 3.1667V etc etc

you may only get +ve values out of sq1


Whoa I just realized that I can sequence within the 1st octave of my sequencer to stay in 0-1v LZX range. Thanks,