Chromagnon & Laser Safety / ILDA + Video Output

I plan on using Chromagnon’s ILDA output capabilities live. Will there be at least a 4 point rectangular warp (see photo 1) available on the ILDA output to map the laser to the “safe” area of the venue (and correct for any off angle installation)? And optionally a “blanking” area (see photo 2)? Like, if I wanted to light up the wall around the DJ but make sure I never actually hit them with the laser…? Also, will there be a way to connect an “E-Stop” button or any other safety measures? And, finally, will shapes destined for the ILDA output also be available as video (un-warped) on the RGB/composite/component outputs? example: aim laser at LED wall and display same shapes on both with fx/feedback on video!


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