Chromagnon + ESG3?

I’m having a hard time thinking about this… If you get a Chromagnon, would an ESG3 be a useful addition? Am I right in thinking that you could take the (1V?) RGB outs from the Chromagnon and then go through the ESG3 and use the Contrast and Brightness knobs, then out of the ESG3 to your monitor or whatever, and that would be a useful way to use them together? Or is the same contrast/brightness control also in the Chromagnon? And are there obvious cases where it would be useful to go from the ESG3 to the Chromagnon? Curious to hear what people think, and what interesting ways to combine them you might think up. (And yes, I know it might be a little too early to ask this, since neither is out yet…)

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If you run the 0-1v Chromagnon outs to the ESG3,

ESG3 drives a separate monitor for whatever purpose you choose

ESG3 composite or component outs fed back into Chromagnon, which already has a feedback circuit. Difference is you now have an alternate feedback circuit with all of the ESG3 control set.

I bet an FKG3 between the Chromagnon and ESG3 would be rad as well, because then you could start to key the feedback, on top of whatever is going on in the Chromagnon’s signal path.


I’ve preordered both Chromagnon and ESG3. There are many applications for having both. Flexible modular feedback patching is one of them. And of course, two encoders means two video outputs that can be sent to different inputs on a switcher or other external processing device(s). There’s a whole world of video gear out there for which there is no modular equivalent.

Same goes for TBC2 & Chromagnon. Having both means three simultaneous video inputs to the modular system.

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