CCTV Analog HD Formats

Interesting video @pbalj posted on the LZX Discord about analog HD formats in the CCTV world:

Cross-posting here for sake of those not on the Discord — and also so it doesn’t just disappear into the Discord ether.


The indexing of information is a key component of community development—thank you for sharing!

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This is fascinating, especially from 13:48 onwards. I had no idea something like HD-TVI existed.

There are also some really useful descriptions of inherent issues in analog television signals.

Yeah thanks for posting. What is the point of Discord, to make sure that only a select few people with infinite free time are able to participate, and also to prevent anything from being accessible in the future? It’s not for me, that’s for certain.

Haha. Yeah, I am not a fan of Discord either. But some people seem to like the more casual chatty atmosphere there. …I guess? Maybe it is also works better on a phone than this forum? I dunno. I am not a phone person; I am just always on my laptop.

Personally, I think this forum is just chatty enough, while also being much more easily searchable.

It is kind of a bummer that LZX info/discussion ends up being spread over FB, Discord, and here, with different constituencies having their preferences. But I guess that is modern life?

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I’ve got to say that that each platform has its own merits. It’s been said that the forum is like the Library, and that Discord is like the club house, or rec room. I really enjoy both. I don’t log onto FB because I would rather not have them monetize my joy.

I definitely recommend hopping on the Discord server AND signing up for Twitch so you can check out the livestreams that @brownshoesonly is making. They’re really awesome. You get to see live patching of prototype modules etc. There’s a chat, so it’s interactive, and the streams are even archived, so you can watch at your convenience.

It might seem like a minor hassle to sign up(5-10 min), however I think you’ll be happy you did. :slightly_smiling_face:

@dryodryo I think most of us struggle with not having infinite free time available to us so I hear ya. I would wager @sean thoughtfully posted this here for exactly the reason you mentioned, to help centralize resources. How communities organize themselves online is a fascinating concept but would love to hear your thoughts about this thread’s topic instead.

Perhaps it would be useful to make a post about community resources in another thread if it’s something you want to discuss so as to not derail this resource for anyone looking for information about analog HD formats.

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Thanks, yeah I already did join Twitch so I could see Nick’s demos. Sorry, don’t mean to derail the thread. Thanks again for crossposting, Carry on