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The make noise power supplies are not officially endorsed by LZX (to my knowledge)
You might want to look into a Malekko Power

Have you set up your desired modular setup on modular grid?

That way you can get a sense of what sort of power draw the assortment of modules you’re wanting to use will require. It’s not always 100% accurate, so looking at the manuals to verify power requirements is always the best practice. And like @DesertMuseum mentions, the Make Noise power system may not be the best choice for video modules. However, I did use one for awhile and it was passable for my needs at the time. Good luck in your search!

Hi there, thanks so much for the feedback. The Thing is I am looking for a 104HP 3U row with he right kind of power. About £300, anyone know of anything like this that is good for video? Many thanks!

Im looking into the Befaco JumpSkiff, mostly because of size (98HP, 52mm deep), which will be ideal for Orion.
The topology of the power supply should be fine for video, but it has only 0.6A.
Extra hole to power the fpga with a second brick? Bigger brick?
Anyone experience with it?
VideoFanatic, what you can also do is to get a moog mother case or similar that comes with no power and fit any of the PSU recommended by Lars.

Hello, in the last week I’ve upgraded my main live-performance case from a 6u bento-box with a synthrotek deluxe power w a 5a meanwell supply, which could easily fit castle/cadets, to get this; a enclave 6u w a make noise bus and 4.3a volgen supply. while not a complete upgrade, ive notice zero change-over in terms of power and Ive got more modules in the enclave than on the bento.

however, if yr trying to fit castle/ cadets into a skiff like ive now got, try buying longer screws from yr local hardware store and mount a set of nuts between the bottom of the module and the edge of the rail. depending on the depth, you may need to apply 2-3 nuts. the ramps I have there only uses 1 set of nuts and barely fits in the deepest end of the case, but it’s enough space.

what type of Volgen powersupply did you get? (and where did you buy it?) I’m looking for a new one too.

for the record, that is the power supply that ships w the new make noise steel cv bus cases.

Another case inquiry. I seem to remember that a lot of early LZX systems were housed in Monorocket cases. Is it safe to say their power supplies were generally suitable for video purposes. I do believe they were linear.

Their linear supplies worked great (IIRC, the 6U case had enough power for LZX but 9U case that had the same PSU needed some augmentation.) There was a period when they were using Meanwell supplies that were not so great. I’m not sure what’s being used in them now.


I don’t think they are made anymore. Still in search of a good 9u Utility case with sufficient power.

Anyone know how well Trogotronic’s power supplies work for video? They’re pretty high amperage for sure, and they claim to be very clean power, but has anyone tried them out?