Cases / Power / Portability


Headroom never hurts, but powering up to the quoted specs should be okay. Just watch out for heat. The Memory Palace has an aux 12V DC connector to power the digital platform’s core circuitry. This reduces the power draw from 650mA on the +12V Euro rail down to just 40mA on +12V Euro rail if you power it from an external wall wart adapter. You don’t have to worry about it being a switching supply in this case, because it’s powering the digital rail only (analog rails are derived from the clean euro supply’s +/-12V.) If you have the Vessel case, there’s already an internal DC jack you can use for chaining. We have a small access panel planned for this, too (that gives the Vessel case power/sync chaining features to the front of a rack in a different case.)

The Erogenous Tones Structure module will have the same technique for sourcing digital power externally from the EuroRack rails as an option. Rick and I have worked on the circuit together. :slight_smile:

Even at 650mA, which is over the typical LZX budget, if you balance it out with some of the LZX modules which are under the power budget per HP (Escher Sketch is one!), you should still be okay. I’m currently running a full Vessel with Memory Palace and Escher Sketch, and the top row full of Expedition modules, and having no issues running it all off the Malekko Power.


Has anyone had problems with the mantis case and Cadet modules? Seems like most are a little too deep for the mantis case (65mm on the VCO and SyncGen), at least on paper.


for some reference for those who aren’t sure I’ve got a case that is powered via a 4ms black row power, 4ms shrouded bus board and 4ms power brick that is getting some noise

my vessel and vidiot are beautiful and clean but 4ms is leaving something to be desired.


I just checked

cadet and castle modules definitely fit in most of top row and all of bottom row except the very ends

the only issue is that the power cables need space too

I think you’d be ok if it was a few cadet modules spaced out between shallower modules and not a full case of cadet/castle modules

I will try to remember to post again next week… I have a visual cortex on it’s way and will need to move that and at least some of the castle/cadet modules into the mantis when that arrives


Thank you! I wound up building a case out of this:

And a Malekko powered buss board.


cool - have fun!!!

cadet, castle, razzmasynth and??



You may want to try a solution like the Genus Modu LIBB + EHA to clean up your row power:


Just a looping envelope, LFO, and three attenuators. Gonna have some BSO in there soon!


Update… i just built a cadet vco last night and it’s a wider board than the other cadet and castle series builds i’d done before…

It just about fits into my bastl marton case… will check the mantis tonight… but doesn’t look good… :frowning: was hoping to put everything that needs synch in the same case …


another update - as suspected the wider boards (vco and synch gen don’t fit in the mantis - they’re a couple of mm too deep


I realize that starting small doesn’t always pay off in the long run (it’s a slippery slope, innit?), but kind of want something reasonably portable to pair with a Vidiot.

Anyone have experience with and/or thoughts about something like the Pulp Logic LBZ54? I can’t 100% parse what they are saying about the power supply there, how clean it will be, etc.

Or other suggestions for small, ultra-portable cases?


I see that the Pittsburgh 420 is no good. Has anyone used the Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-360 Eurorack Travel Case for their video rigs? Is the power supply the same as the 420? I’m looking for a good 9U travel case with a lid.


Also I just stumbled upon the MDLR 12/104HP portable eurorack modular case “performer series” with 2 Doepfer PSU3s. Any concerns about using that for and all LZX video rig? I guess I’d just have to connect my sync across the two compartments, right?


if you look near the top of the thread @creatorlars recommends the PSU3

so yeah you may need to run sync between the two halves

if it’s deep enough (& it is!!! you need 65mm+) then you could do it with a cadet sync gen (plug say vc into in from the other half) there was some talk about a module for syncing different cases - but I guess that’s on the back burner

or you could trail a cable between the 2 cases through a 1hp gap perhaps, or make a custom rca cable going through 2 drilled 2hp panels

or you could just put all modules that require sync in one half and the ones that don’t in the other - if the psu will take them - watch out for the -12v only 1200mV each - which gets used up quickly

I think that if you want a full 6u 104hp LZX rig then you will either need the malekko power system (as used by LZX in their cases) or you probably need 2 psus to cope with the -12V


Ugh, yeah you’re right - the doepher psu 3 is not enough power for 6u 104hp. I love that case though because you can carry it on a plane and leave all those modules patched. Has anyone found something similar that works for LZX? I currently have a 6U 84hp bento box that I put malekko power in, but it’s full and I’m really struggling to find a good portable, carry-on sized upgrade.


there was iirc a erica synths 6u portable case (before the current aluminium one) that had over 2 amps for both +/- 12v rails - but no idea if the psu was quiet enough for clean video


if you don’t use stackcables, you could take a look at tendrils - they’re right angle patch cables - which might work for you - and eliminate the need for a deep lid


New Case Question. I know slim Skiffs are all the rage these days but some of the Cadets and Castle modules are kinda deep. Can someone recommend a skiff that is deep enough for these modules and has a sufficient power supply?


well the cadet sync gen and vco are 65 mm deep - that’s pretty deep for a skiff (they won’t fit in a mantis)

you could try mounting the pcbs in the case (there are nice holes at the corners of the PCBs wihc could be used for standoffs) and using wires to the panel or sandwiching a couple behind a larger panel (or a combination of panels and again wire them to the panel - the only issue I see here (and I’ve thought about it) is that with the pcbs at 65mm you need at least 13hp - and allowing for the jacks and pots and the 2 boards you’d get pretty deep


Hi there, I am currently thinking about getting a Make Noise 104HP Skiff for a system of Cortex, Polar, Marbles, 4MS Buff x2, Bridge x2, Arch and Shapechanger. Do you think this would be ok to fit in that skiff and to be powered by the Make Noise power supply? Many thanks!