Can TBC2 decode HD source in SD system?

When I use TBC2 to decode HD sources in my SD system the aspect ratio messes up. How do I do this?

The current firmware doesn’t currently provide cropping / scaling options to correct aspect ratios between SD/HD inputs. It sounds like it’s planned for a future firmware update.


Oh my! In October of 2019 the LZX Newsletter read:

TBC2 is a swiss army knife input module which simplifies the process of getting multiple external video feeds into your LZX modular video synthesis system. Dual channel frame synchronization with genlock, time base correction, HD downscaling and format conversion, still image/loop playback and color decoding. Composite, S-Video, Component YPbPr and Component RGB inputs.

When do you plan on releasing the HD downscaling and format conversion? I ordered the Orion Series many years ago and updates for Diver or Memory Palace have been sorely lacking.

I saw this:

I hope there will not be a TBC2 Mk2 before the HD downscaling and format conversion are functional!

I think you misunderstood. TBC2 downscales and upscales between HD and SD already, it can cross convert between any of the input formats to any of the output formats.

The missing function @rempesm is referencing is aspect ratio correction, which is implemented but unreleased. Right now my focus with TBC2 is on fulfilling all the TBC2 preorders, and getting the second batch production underway. That’s been ongoing since late January, and has taken forever, but we are nearly there. Then there will be a firmware release that implements this function and more.
Follow this thread for the latest status: TBC2 has been released! - #38 by meudiademorte


We need that TBC2 “screensaver” though Lars. I fear by the time the company fulfills TBC2 pre-orders and second batch??..some of the original TBC2 modules/users will have screen burn-in by the time an update is available to resolve. Users already have MP screen burn-in still waiting a screensaver update to no avail. Let’s get the TBC2 screensaver FW ready to deploy at minimum least please.

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Since I found out about the Memory Palace’s screen burn-in issue, I try to turn off the power frequently.
I hope the Memory Palace and TBC2 will implement the screen saver feature soon… :pray:

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Yes, I switch off my TBC2 when it isn’t in use. However, when I do use it, I’m frequently cycling screens to change settings. Could that help avoid screen burn?

Yup!..cycling TBC2 screens is exactly what I do! But I’m kinda tired of doing this and just going to unrack it. I leave mine on for sometimes 5hrs 4days a week!? It’s going to get screen burn-in just like my MP. But Lars is focusing on the TBC2 mkII now??? We need that screen saver feature day-1. Please Lars?? Super please??

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Please do not delay the release of aspect ratio correction. What might be the use of downscaling and upscaling without it?

The recent April newsletter made this comment all the more fascinating.

TBC2 shipments have reached a momentary pause, as our initial production yield was smaller than expected. Parts ordering for the second batch commences on Monday, after which we will have a better idea of the possible delivery timeline. The second batch will feature slight changes to TBC2’s design that make it fit our current Gen3 production methods. This includes a new design for power and sync entry and new faceplate material. The overall look and performance of the module remain unchanged.

Regarding a screensaver:

Support indicated that Memory Palace firmware would not be updated until TBC2 release. It was also said that TBC2 was hardware waiting for firmware for many years. Finally there was mention that TBC2 firmware was long delayed because it was meant to be a portable environment compatible with other LZX digital devices.

If this were the scope of such a thing, is it not trivial to add a screensaver to Memory Palace firmware?