Cadet Sync Generator 13.5MHZ CMOS SMD


Hey community,
Im about to building the cadet sync generator. The BOM says there is a OSC VCXO 13.5MHZ CMOS SMD needed, with the suggestion to get it from digikey (art. nr. 300-8162-1-ND). Im Ordering everything from mouser, but because of my lack of knowledge in electronics, its hard to me to find a substitute that will work. Someone found a substitute for this part on mouser?


did you buy the pcb? if so, it is already soldered on


no i did not, thought to order first the parts and then get the pcb+panel at the store in the city… ah yes really? thats awesome!!


The Cadet I panel + pcb also includes the microcontroller with the firmware already flashed, but you do have to solder that (just a DIP though). The Cadet II also has the SOIC16 encoder chip (AD724JRZ) already soldered.

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thank you very much!!

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That part (300-8162-1-ND) is a crystal oscillator, by the way.