13.5mhz VCXO FOUND

Greetings from China! The 13.5mhz VCXO is finally found. I bought customized VCXO from Taobao (a Chinese version of Amazon), and it worked! Besides of different size, it syncs perfectly and I’m glad to say that the cadet is back to life again (don’t know if you guys have found other solutions xd)
Video, size, and Taobao link are included in the topic, love from China.
P.S. Video from Kelvin Wang thx for the testing works
P.P.S. Why can’t i upload videos ahhhhhhhhhh



P.P.P.S. Kilven is making an adapter pcb

I don’t see the link?

but good find!
I have a (modded) pcb design that could be adapted for this part

Here is the link. I’m not sure if it will work outside of China though.

The VXCO is quite large.

You can see frankensteined into place here.

Eastwinder was the one who tracked it down, and another maker here, 王凯文 (Kevin), is doing a PCB redesigned which he’ll open source when ready.


【淘宝】https://m.tb.cn/h.gXka5IRwx9xheze?tk=qKCwWulmoJ0 CZ3458 「压控晶振 压控钟振VCXO 8MHz27MHz32.768MHZ13.56mhz27.12mhz10M」
点击链接直接打开 或者 淘宝搜索直接打开