Audio from video not coming out through headphones


I am trying to install this video artwork that was pre-configured by the artist and her gallery. It consists of 3 synced channels on a 3 x 1 “video wall”. The synced video looks great, but he audio does not come through the Andor media player 1/8" jack (I have triple checked each .mp4 file and the audio plays just fine).
My set up: mp4 and config files on a USB drive plugged into the media player, media player HDMI out is attached to the transmitter, transmitter attached to the receiver via cat5 network cables, receiver attached to monitor via HDMI. Sony MDR 7506 stereo headphones (without extension cord) plugged into the media player. No sound
My troubleshooting methods so far: testing several different headphones, adjusting the volume to 10/10, testing the HDMI thru and stereo audio modes, editing the configuration file to HDMI thru and stereo and testing both options.
If there is audio with the built-in test signal, I couldn’t hear it either.
Any assistance would be great.

I have the same problem. I solve it by using the HDMI output instead.

I have an update that lets you use analog audio while HDMI is connected. Could you send a message to

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