Alesis IO dock2 w/ touchviz

Iv got an alesis io dock2 with an ipad2. I’m failing to get an output running touchviz.
Is there an iOS and or version of Touchviz I should be specifically running?

No links on Alesis’ site to the Updater that was mentioned on modwiggler.

how are you trying to get video out of an alesis io dock2?. there is no video connection

iPad2 uses 30 pin connector? That carried composite video on one of the pins…
Perhaps try and find a 30 pin to RCA dongle to test first, that might only cost a few dollars and will give you somewhere to start by process of elimination.

Note that this is an older device, it could be quite possible that with an iOS or app update the analogue video on 30 pin has been made obsolete.


There used to be those adapters in ebay to buy and solder. :slight_smile:
30-pin breakout boards. Also not hard to diy, I remember reading documentation about the connections and the resistance needed to advertise the different capabilities to ios.


Yo. My Mistake. I assumed it was a dock2 because it works with an iPad 2.

You’re probably looking for this @circuitfluid :slight_smile:

It’s called the iS202 but sadly is from the manufacturer that shall remain unnamed least they appear with a Video Synth Clone :rofl:

Thanks to Justin here in Berlin, I’d never heard of this machine until a couple of months ago. It’s compatible with the first 3 gens of iPad.

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Alesis iO Dock software is available on this page


Thanks for all the help y’all.
I got it working. My mistake and not really looking at what I was working with.