XAOC ROSTOCK digital shift register (video use-case)


Has any one had a go with this in a video rig? Pertinent sentence for potential video use-case here:

Rostock may process data sequences representing rhythms, control voltages, audio-rate signals, and even video signals because the bits can change at extreme rates (up to 2MHz).


I have not, myself, but am interested to hear if others do.

One thing I’ve seen mentioned is the fact that Rostock is an input module, so it would need another Leibniz module as an out. I’ve seen Drezno and Poczdam mentioned as posible pairs, with the second version of Drezno wotrh it due to its higher clock speed than the first version.

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I have a Drezno mk1 and Rostock. I did some testing and put the notes on ModWiggler here.

I seems that there is some degree of control over the horizontal position by adjusting the delay setting.

I have preordered a Drezno mk2 but I don’t have a clue when they will be released. I will do another round of testing and post back once I receive it.

I’m thinking for my style that I would use the mangled video as either the foreground or key in a mix with the original video.

Any other suggestions for testing?


Oh right! I remember your post now. Thanks for doing this. My comprehension of why the things happen the way they are is not there, but it’s interesting to see that they do have an effect.

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