Wj-mx30 owners: question about buttons

hey all,

first post here but i’ve been lurking this forum for the past few months building up an analog video processing rig. spent about a decade working with vintage audio electronics and general analog circuitry so this whole world of video synthesis has been exciting to learn about.

i recently bought a wj-mx30 as the centerpiece of a small starter rig and thankfully everything works as expected. however the power button on the top left of the console is bent at a slight slope

. the actual tactile switch works but the loose button is driving me bonkers.

having worked a lot with audio consoles, i know these types of mechanisms tend to be proprietary to the manufacturer, but I’m wondering if anyone knows how the mx30’s tactile switches are set up or if anyone’s found a currently manufactured drop-in replacement for the whole button assembly.

mostly want to know if it’s worth opening up the console to repair a missed latch or if the plastic assembly has broken at a crucial point.

excited to show off my janky rig once its up and running!

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buy another MX30 for parts and swap out the button?