Panasonic WJ-AVE5 — video input issue

Hello video-friends.

I understand this might be a bit off-topic for this board but I know many of you own a Panasonic WJ-AVE5 so I thought it was worth the try. Post will be removed upon request.

I bought a second-hand Panasonic WJ-AVE5 video mixer a while back. Unfortunately, the unit has issues and I was looking for some advice on how to solve them. The unit has been checked by a friend who is knowledgeable about electronics, mostly cameras and computers as they repair them for a living. They could not find what the issue was, as we did not have the schematics / technical documents of the WJ-AVE5.

By observing the video output I’m not able to tell what is happening. The pass-through circuits are working, seen in the video below. It appears to be some sort of sync and chroma issue. I have tested both the Component inputs - outputs and S-Video inputs-outputs.

I have tried both camera, visual cortex and video game console inputs into the WJ-AVE5, both with composite video, and S-Video when possible. The same issue is present in both channel A and B. The internal wipe effects is working properly, as tested with one of the channels’ video set to back colour mode.

The main signal flow is as follows:

NES Composite Out → WJ-AVE5 Source1 Component In

WJ-AVE5 Preview Component Out → CRT TV Component Input A

To verify if the pass-through is working this is done:

WJ-AVE5 Source1 Component Out → CRT TV Component Input B

Here I show the system used and toggle between the TV inputs:

This one focus on the video issue on the screen:

A photo of the input and ouputs in the WJ-AVE5:

In the video below I input Visual Cortex’s Composite Output into Channel 1 of the Panasonic WJ-AVE5. Cortex’s [Chan. A Mix] switch is on and the video is initially white. I then proceed to zero each color channel and putting it back to max in turn. Red, Green, then Blue.

Note: Strobing is caused by digital camera recording.

Any feedback is appreciated. I’d very much like to be able to repair this unit. Where I live there is little secondhand market and it is very overpriced due to scarcity. If someone has manuals for the unit, to help a local technician that would be of help also.

Thank you all for your time!

have you tested other inputs beside the NES? a video camera or media player?

Camera (Sony miniDV composite out) yields a similar result, clearly the same issue.

I think I have tried inputting the cortex output also but just to make sure I shall try that once again.

Retried with Cortex Composite Out. Same issue. Will share video tomorrow.

Edits have been done to the original post to clarify and facilitate reading. A video showcasing the Visual Cortex input into the WJ-AVE5 has also been added.

Is this a PAL ave5 and a PAL NES?

The NES is PAL and so is the WJ-AVE5.
Although it is not stated specifically in the Panasonic’s casing, it has a euro plug, runs at 50Hz and has british english text, all leading to the conclusion that it is a PAL model.
Just for the sake of it I changed the Visual Cortex to the NTSC mode and although displayed differently the issue is still visible. The monitor used for preview is compatible with both signals I believe.

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Tested the hardware with a full s-video path (except for the preview, which is exclusively composite). Same issue, albeit with slightly different visual characteristics.
Will try to see if my friend can look at it once more, now with schematics. Hoping it’s an issue at input, that would facilitate debugging.

@a5104 and me have 2x ave5 videomixers. I asked him to look at this topic. (but he had some issues with his browser)
maybe we can offer some assistance

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