What is EXPO_CONVERTER_OUT on Cadet IX Schematic?

Hi all! I’m very new to video synthesis. Breadboarding a Cadet IX, Q2A says to connect to EXPO_CONVERTER_OUT, what does this refer to? I don’t see it anywhere else on the schematic. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Mark B

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It’s to be connected to the circuit on the other diagram (below Q4A and Q4B)

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To expand on that, ‘EXPO_CONVERTER_OUT’ is a named net.
This means that it connects to other nets with the same name.
You use this when nets overlap (too much) and you want to keep it logical.
Some of the Cadet schematics have several pages of building blocks, so in this way it stays very readable and functional. (and you can print the schematics on A4 paper)

An exponential converter changes linear CV to EXPO cv.

note: that is pretty hardcore, breadboarding this circuit!

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Thanks both! I had already crossed through the net on page 1 so I couldn’t find its corollary P:

Though I am beguiled on page 3 on the left, where resistor 8 connects to “U7_+IN” – there isn’t a U7 on the schematic or the BOM, so I’m very confused about what this is supposed to connect to. Any help would be appreciated

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it connects to r25. next to the 74HC14
The U7 is named incorrectly. It should be U12 or U20 I think