Cadet II output normalization

I know that @reverselandfill made a small mod to his Cadet II RGB Encoder, so that the input to the red channel is normalled to the other outputs. By patching only to the red channel, you thus get a black and white image. Can Martijn, or someone else, please explain how to do this mod? I’m terrible with schematics, so a photo would help tremendously :slight_smile:.

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Without knowing exactly what Martijn did, what needs to be done is to connect the input tab (The one at the back of the jack) to the normalization tab/“switch input” (on the side of the jack) on the others. I don’t have a picture on hand, but it should be possible (and easily reversible) with just two wires connecting these points.


I soldered this:
red jack TIP -> green jack SWITCH
green jack TIP -> blue jack SWITCH

The SWITCH pin is located on the side:

last drawing:
1: GND
3: TIP


you could also normalise the red TIP to the green and blue switch. experiment with the best results!

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I did the same mod to mine - I highly recommend it. I found it easiest to solder my little wires on the bottom of the board, not the top, in case anyone was wondering which side to do it on. I did a cascading method where the R jack normals into the G jack and that G jack normals into the B jack. (You could also normal B into R and that way plugging into any single jack normals to the others if they don’t have anything plugged in, or you could normal R to G and R to B, or some other configuration. So many choices!)

Here’s a pic of what I did (R to G, G to B):


That’s very clear, thanks very much, everyone!!!

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