Getting black and white output from Cadet II: RGB Encoder

So I recently finished soldering my first 8 Cadet Modules and this would be my first dive into video synthesis.
I hooked up the RGB Encoder and a Video OSC to my power bus and connected them both.
Unfortunately i did not get any output to my monitor, so i kept trying with other sources like holding my finger onto the other end of the patch cable or using a trigger from another eurorack module.
This time it did put distorted vertical bars on my monitor. So far so good, but instead of the bars having the color i put the cable in, they are always completely white on a black background.
Is this a know behaviour?
Here is the front and back of my RGB Encoder which i think should be the problem in this case.

Thanks for your help in advance guys, really appreciate the DIY spirit in here.

And by the way, what caused even more confusion is, that the Cadet OSC Module puts out a pretty good sinus wave sound if i put use it as audio. So i am completely lost on this.

The Cadet II has both a B&W output (top RCA jack) and a color output (bottom RCA jack). You can also commonly get only a black and white display if the broadcast standard you selected (NTSC/PAL) does not match your equipment - region map here. You need these to match on the sync generator, color encoder, and display, and you usually need to power cycle everything after you change it. It also looks like the NTSC/PAL switch pads could use some more solder, so you could be stuck in the wrong mode. A couple of other spots in the photo also look like they could use some resoldering.

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You only mention hooking up the encoder and vco. you also need the sync generator plugged in, working, and providing sync over the 14pin sync buss.

The two rca jacks on the encoder are duplicates, they should both be color.

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Error: the bottom diode (D2) is reversed!

as for the rest of the soldering, as far as I can tell from the picture. these look dubious:

reflow these points and other bad ones, so that they look like this:

check if your switch is set to PAL (or NTSC if you live in the US)
do this on both the Sync Generator and RGB Encoder modules!

When all is set up correctly, you should see red bars when you patch the VCO into the R output.


Thanks! Think I must have made this incorrect impression from troubleshooting some monochrome output problem when setting up my own Cadet system.

In my case I don’t get any signal out when the RGB encoder isn’t connected with the sync bus, just a blue screen or “no signal” as if the display weren’t plugged in to anything. I guess probably this depends on whether the display is trying to detect sync and may vary from display to display.

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First of all thanks for all the reply and advice guys, really appreciate it.
After posting the picture on here I noticed the wrong diode as well. Hopefully I find the time to fix the diode and maybe some other sloppy soldering by Thursday. It shows that this is my my 2nd ever soldered module.
For the people asking about sync.: It is one of the other 8 modules I have finished so far, but I did not think it would be important for troubleshooting, since my main issue right now is the black and white output. I connected it while testing though.

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I finally had the time to resolder the mentioned parts above and fix the diode direction.
I’m getting better results but the color is still missing and it overall looks like it is not working the way its supposed to be. Maybe i can upload a picure in the future.
For now I gave my Sync generator, RGB Encoder, VCO and Ramp Generator to a more experienced DIY friend who will take an in-depth look at the panels, hopefully this will fix the problem.
Will be updating soon, getting kind of desperate at the moment. :grimacing:

BTW: I am a huge fan of your stuff.

Are the crystals in the right spots? Incorrect resistor or cap values? I would check everything around the crystals and encoder for issues

I reflowed some points on the RGB Encoder, and checked everything around the rbg to composite encoder and the crystals. The parts placed seem to be correct and i got something like this:

The image quality is kinda crap sorry about that, i was in a rush. Those are not white bars they are rather reddish/pink. But im still getting only this output, it does not matter in which color i plug the vco.
Next up im going to check everything again according to the BOM and Schematic and reflowing every single spot.
Could there be another issue like grilling my ICs with to much heat? I thought about getting rid of the ics and putting new ones on it with sockets :confused:

I made this and this video to showcase the output i get from a vco, and the encoder.
The VCO is patched into the green input by the way. Im really out of ideas, i checked every part soldered onto the PCB and reflowed some again.

This Problem was solved by swapping out my ATMEGA Chip on my Sync Gen.
I had an empty one as described in this topic.

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Glad you got it worked out! I had the exact same issue with the first one I built. I ended up programming the chip to fix it.