War of the Ants vs. SNOW

Anyone that owns both Reverselandfill SNOW and LZX War of the Ants or can shed some light on the difference between those noise/texture sources? I’ve seen the video’s and read the descriptions but I’d like to have a better understanding of why you would choose one or the other.

It seems you can achieve similar effects, what are the key differences?


Yeah, two different animals. WOTA is hard to find and SNOW is available for purchase. SNOW has two different noise channels, each with a high-pass out, as well as a comparator output. WOTA integrates well with the H and V processing chains of the Expedition series. It features dual switchable high/low pass filters and also has semi-random lfo that affects the intensity of the noise.

Another noise option is to blend the outputs of a SSF Quantum Rainbow, with a Brownshoesonly video mix. You need to scale the 0-5v signals into 0-1v however you can attain a WOTA-like blend of high-pass (blue/purple) and low-pass (red/pink) noise.

I like all three options. I love the starfields that I can get from the comparator output of SNOW. The only knock on the WOTA is that you can only use it for NTSC/PAL signals, whereas the other two options will integrate with Gen3 HD workflows. I know @Fox is working on a filter module. Once that is released, I’m sure it will pair well with SNOW.


WOTA is a very cool and useful module but something that might affect a decision on whether it’s right for you is that its noise source is very temperature-sensitive, which can be a challenge in poorly ventilated cases or otherwise demanding performance environments. I don’t know if Snow has the same issue. SSF Quantum Rainbow does not (and despite not being video-rate, it’s a great source of horizontal noise bands.)

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That is very true regarding the WOTA temperature sensitivity. I often turn my on and let it warm up for a bit synced. Then turn it off for 1min and back on. No issues here with after that process. And if I don’t follow that process the Animation on WOTA will almost always freeze/stop working after 45min-1.5hr. Thereby requiring me to power it down/on anyway then it’s fine again for hours with no issues.

The SNOW does not have sync and has output jacks only.
The WOTA can be modulated with CV, it is a different module altogether.

If you mix two SNOW outputs (one from each channel, with a mixer that has both normal and inverted inputs such as the CMIX) , you get nice layered textures.
The upcoming BLUR module will give you even more ‘depth’, (like depth of field I mean, blurred dots at specific layers)


where you got snow v2 boards for sale.

PM @reverselandfill or ReverseLandfill | Etsy


Would love to see some side by side screenshots of different noise outputs if anyone has both!

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Different builds of Reverse Landfill Snow can look different depending on the pairs of transistors that are used in it.
I do love mine and it sounds great as an audio noise module.