All About War of the Ants

In many European countries television static noise, or “snow”, is described using the visual metaphor of a war between swarms of black and white insects. War Of The Ants is our first dedicated noise and texture generation instrument for video synthesis. At its core is a wideband full spectrum noise generator based on amplification of the avalanche noise characteristic found within certain diodes. With the ability to modify and filter the separate spectral characteristics of horizontal, vertical, and low frequency noise, War Of The Ants is capable of generating textures that range from blinking starfields to buzzing grayscale grain to thrashing clipped snow.


  • Width, 16HP
  • Mounting Depth, 32mm
  • Power +12V @ 100mA
  • Power -12V @ 100mA

User Reference


Patching Tips

  • Make sure to connect to a sync source to activate the module’s Animation and Speed controls.
  • Patch the horizontal and vertical components of your shape,
    whatever their source, into the horizontal and vertical filter VC
    inputs on War of the Ants. Patch the H and V mix, or a variation of
    it, into the Density VC input. Adjust the VC level controls for the
    desired look.
  • Use a mixer module such as Color Chords, Passage, or Bridge,
    to combine the Texture output with the H and V mixed shape.


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