(audio) Noise to video

This is an experiment with my newest Noise Module v8.
I wanted to see if the outputs are useful for video. Turns out they are!
The Noise oscillator is very chaotic, so the noise image is not static (no pun intended).

Note: The audio track is unrelated (it’s a fieldrecording of a liveset I did)

Next up I’ll try to sync the image.

The Noise v8 module gives you a wide range of noise effects when used for analog video.
The outputs have to be attenuated to comply to the video voltage format.
I used my Matrix Mixer for this purpose. The range jumpers on the back on the module set the frequencies to a lower range.
When the noise is used together with a keyer, interesting results can be achieved.

For more information on the Noise module:


I did some testing with syncing this type of oscillators, with reasonable results.
I think I will build a prototype focused on video, with LM6172 buffers and the proper voltage scaling


My one thought is that it would be cool if the range selection could maybe be brought to the front panel (rather than a jumper).

Also making me realize I need to test out the noise capabilities of various audio synths I have with my LZX system! (Though it is probably all way more vanilla/boring-looking than what you’ve got here.)


you got a point.
it is an interesting feature , so it should be accessible.

it is on the back now, because the pcb is very crowded already. as a sort of expansion option if you make your own panel for it.
But 2 pcb’s stacked would be possible (and necessary when those buffers are added)

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Hey @reverselandfill :wave:t3:
I’ve just stumbled across this thread sheet a couple of months, any progress on this idea & circuit? I know you’ve got your hands full with various other projects, just wondering.

I was busy with the other projects, so I have not yet started this one.
but now you mention it, I’ll be going to do some test :slight_smile:


Replying here to ask as well if you had any luck with sync. I was super psyched by the lower range noise at 00.51, the thick blocky noise has a ^really^ nice Castle-zone look.

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I have not yet tested sync or any other video optiions for the Noise module
but v9 of the Noise is out now, with a patchbay on the frontpanel and 2 switches for range settings of osc1&osc2

I’ll do some tests later this month