Want to hear about different ways and techniques how to generate video delays

Hej, what ways/ techniques do you know generating video delays/ frame delays, or at least look like “that”.
Like patchings, camera feedback loops etc. .

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Potentially relevant:

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You can either use a frame buffer (which is what Memory Palace is built around) which digitally stores frames which can then be mixed back into the video stream in a number of different ways. Signal culture make a frame buffer app which might be of interest to you. The number of concurrent frames stored will depend on the size of the memory buffer.

You can also use the physical latency, which is the time it takes for an electronic signal to get through a system, be it a length of cable, some circuitry or the feedback between a camera and a screen.

A frame buffer might for example be able to store 30 frames maximum, giving you a 1 second delay at 30 fps whereas the delay in circuitry would be considerably shorter, nanoseconds etc.

You could use hundreds of miles of cable to delay a signal by a more significant amount but I’m not sure how good your video would look at the other end!


You can get SDI delays, I have an Evertz one that goes up to several seconds. You have to convert to SDI and back though.

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If you didn’t suggest it, I would have! :slight_smile:


For anyone like myself who never heard of this manufacturer.


I do have that one, but it requires a multi-frame to house it, and you have to pop a menu on-screen to adjust the delay time. If you’re working in SD the 9540 is a standalone 1u rack module. You can continuously adjust the delay time from the front panel with no on-screen menus:

Evertz gear in general is a fantastic value second hand if you want extremely robust broadcast gear and don’t care about noise or power consumption. The 9540 is actually nice and light and quiet and self-contained though.

Maybe a DVDR recorder or similar digital devices with I/Os? The Panasonic DVDR recorder I’ve used as a TBC has quite a bit of latency.