Memory Palace Ghost Mode

Hello! I love my Memory Palaces, thank you!
However I’m still uncertain how to get anything out of Ghost mode.
Does anyone know how to use this and could help explain how it works?

Thank you!

Lars had to this to say in the FB group the other day

Ghost mode is about keying between two different points in time without any spatial displacements or multiple sources. So the source is fed thru the warp, and then the keyer keys between a time delayed and non time delayed version. You need something in motion as a source (although I think V19 has a ghost mode bug – there’s a lot fixed for V20.)

I’m a little mystified about it as well but I did find out that you have to use the A/B and Freeze switches to get something out of it. From what I can tell, Freeze will capture two layers, one frozen frame and about one second of video as a loop (when in ARGB mode). However, the loop doesn’t play until you turn on the A/B switch. Now you need to use the keyer to show both layers. At this point you can use the Delay slider to control the speed of the loop.

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In media only mode the loop is your folder and delay controls the scan speed

I’m seeing now the utility here… it let’s you composite two stills together, albeit a little weirdly. I can’t get the transforms to work when the frame is frozen. Not sure what the intention here is.

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