Wagon Christ - MMM DJ mix visuals & Alright music video

Mixmaster Morris - Wagon Christ Radio
Mix of classic Wagon Christ tracks from the 90s to 10s
Performed these visuals in a single take with two Memory Palaces, Sensory Translator, some LFOs, and a V4ex:

Wagon Christ - Alright
Cut this music video from 80+ full length visuals takes using two Memory Palaces, Diver, Structure, Vidiot, Sensory Translator, and more:

Both for the promotion of the new Wagon Christ album “Reception” on People of Rhythm Records

Instagram teaser with extra visuals

Enjoy! :crazy_face: :vulcan_salute:


Alright Dr_Rek :wave:t3:
It’s how many of us say hello to each other in Ireland :grinning:
That’s done serious retro Acid & late 80s House vibes :musical_keyboard::level_slider::notes:
I really liked the quietish breakdowns at 2:15 & a somewhere like 3:45, nice sliding basslines.
I thought #WagonChrist was an #EBM or #IndustrialTechno act, my info is from +20 years ago.
Best of luck with the new release :+1:t3::four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers:t3:

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Industrial Techno, lol! Wagon Christ is Luke Vibert’s sample heavy lush breakbeats and synths project. Wagon Christ was a Ninja Tune artist since the 90s, this new album is on People of Rhythm records. The previous Luke Vibert EP on there is great too, highly recommend anything produced by Luke Vibert.

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Ah Fook that, I stepped into that one royally :flushed:
I was thinking of an act called Velvet Acid Christ :sweat_smile:
& you’re making the visuals, now I get it :+1:t3:
There’s definitely some nice images, tricks, & cool use of the Memory Palace FXs with photos of people and band names in your vids :star_struck:

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No worries, thank you!
Using an artist’s promo or album art images with Memory Palaces has a been a great strategy for live streams and music videos. :smile:

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