Glitch Video Experiments aboard the Tremendm_Labs Space Station

At Tremendm_Labs we are fascinated by the concept of creating live audio-reactive, Analog & Retro Glitch Visuals, paired with improv music (especially of the Glitch-Hop / Vapor-Glitch variety)

So much so we created a live stream show specifically for live experimentation, live discussions on glitch theory, creating live music, telling psychedelic space stories, and just having fun, glitch-tastic escapades in video space!

We focus on retro tech & circuit-bent style glitch-video devices, and we have a deep love for the LZX BitVision (which is excellent for triggering prismatic glitches), and the Vidiot (with its focus on composite video).

The Glitch Visual and Improv Music Show is a Weekly show every Friday night generally about 11pm central.

So here’s the link to the playlist of our shows

Watch Glitch Trip in Outer Space! Live Creation of Music & Visuals w/ 86BiTz from Tremendm_Labs on

:point_down:Here’s the link for when our show is live.

And of course all of our past episodes are over on YouTube.

Ask us anything about the show or our techniques here, we’d like to kick start a discussion about anything Glitch here on the LXZ forum.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and read our post, have an excellent day!


Welcome @Tremendm_Labs!

I can confirm that @Tremendm_Labs puts together some great streams :+1:
Really dig the liquid light stuff!


Hey thanks @Fritz! Your streams are pretty awesome too, you should post a link sometime. The Color choice is superb.

Oh yeah here’s a link to the a juicy part from last nights stream, meant to post it earlier. That’s basically right in the middle of the time bar.


^This episode linked above was the introduction of the Ave Mod V2. Link below (1). It’s an interesting device to us because of its array of dials for the fine tuning of artistic glitch details, as well as its ability to also react to incoming audio by way of amplitude, the inverse, and intensity, in order to modulate your settings. The fact that it’s composite video is a plus for our video setup.
This now becomes our 4th audio reactive video device, not counting the resolume laptop, lol. BitVision, Vidiot, Entrancer, and now this, so we devised a new technique to individuate their reactivity by feeding the audio from only the kick drum to the Ave Mod and to the BitVision, but the caveat being the AveMod would be in ‘inverse mode’. This means the device is glitching the video signal EXCEPT when it’s triggered by the kick it is NOT glitching the signal. This allows the BitVision to be triggered by the kick & be seen clearly, then the glitch effect returns from the ave mod. (As seen in the video provided in my previous post.) Since we decided to run the loop camera through the new Ave Mod glitch box, this effect allows for the ‘glitching audio reactive loop tunnel’ to be modulated off momentarily by the kick drum.

10/10 would do again.

Since we already isolate the kick drum for side-chaining purposes, it was no problem to allocate an un-used audio output port from the Motu audio interface in the drum Rack to send the kick drum audio out to the video gear.

Next week we plan to run the instrument bus out to the Vidiot and the Entrancer since they both generally respond more uniquely to that nature of audio, since both video devices generate waveforms. Should be trippy.


During Dr. M’s record release stream a few weeks ago, we cooked up some pretty interesting visuals using the Vidiot and BitVision. It’s an early test of us using chromakey to layer the BitVision over the Vidiot, while also ‘DreamCrushing’ our camera and using chromakey to layer this dream crushed key of ourselves over the top. Basically a triple layer chroma-key using two video mixers. Here’s a a link below that to the episode.:point_down:, and a link below that to the album.



Hello all, Dr. M’s new psychedelic music-concrete / Trip-Hop style album finally dropped today! (originally release date of 2012 - Spotify link below) We’ll be playing that live album on Twitch and creating live, audio-reactive glitch visuals for funzies. Thanks for checkin us out!

Heres some trippy clips from last nights show.
Dr. M discusses his track ‘Oops, too much’ and creates live audio-reactive analog glitch visuals using the Vidiot and and the Ave Mod v2 Glitch box.

Clip 1:


Clip 2: Space Tale - Glitch Crystals
Dr. M and the Bot Tredlok convince the engine AI to run almost empty to visit & convince the Galactic Crystal Keepers into giving us enough Glitch-crystals to power up the bass cannons to scare away the Glitch-golems long enough to charge the warp-drive and yet again escape the glitch nebula.

HereThis is the start of the best segment of Dr. M playing his new album and creating sound-reactive Glitch & Analog Visuals.

We will be live later, see you then!

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Outta nowhere Tredlok jams on the optical synth with the glitch mic.

Once we finish the new patch and incorporate it into the fresh configuration, it’s time to jam some music in order to re-charge the thruster-cores for the return trip trough deep space. That jam begins here.

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Hey everyone! We’ve been continuing on with our weekly visual show over on, we appreciate everyone’s support so far & wanted to pop in and drop some links to some of the last few episodes.

We start off last nights episode getting crazy glitchy with the drums then later start layering in the melodies. Tredlok tells some space stories and then Dr. M works on some fresh visual patches towards the end, with a few more jams and spoken interludes.

Next month we’ll be raffling off some fresh VHS recordings of our Retro-Visual based Friday Show to our subscribers - live at the end of each show. See ya then!

Makin’ Glitch Happen since 2010

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Just want to say I was able to check out @Tremendm_Labs Twitch stream last night and it was a lot of fun. I recommend checking it out.