LZX Lockdown music video madness

Worked on a bunch of videos over past few months during these crazy times as there seems to be lots of artists wanting video without on location shooting.

Here’s some eye candy all featuring a splattering a LZX.

Man Of Moon - Heavy on the LZX. Amazing band from Scotland. They were the support act of a band i was touring with so made use of a bunch of on the road iphone footage and threw it all through the system to make a lovely visual mess.

Baby Queen - New artist from London. Made something that’s cool with the kids. And got my favorite Youtube comment ever.

Love the song but what the hell is this video? Sis needs an art director or someone with taste helping her.

Jono Ma + Friends Kraftwerk tribute to Florian Schneider featuring a all star cast from around the world.


Hana Vu - Artist from L.A. Made use of a bunch of photography and graphics and then processed through a LZX system to give a bit more of a edge to the shots.

Anyone else been using there new found time at home to make use of there LZX systems for some music videos?


@destroythings great works, all! The Baby Queen video is iconic. Love the abstractions throughout all the videos

For lockdown, I made 13 video paintings on my LZX and Jones video synths: http://bentoncbainbridge.com/howling


Wassup Everyone!
Tremendm LabsTV rocks Live glitch music with live hardware visuals every week on twitch, and glitched out VHS Movie nights On Fridays using LZX and circuit bent gear. The past episodes are on twitch for 90 days then we back em up to our Youtube account. Movie night episodes are only on Twitch. Hard copy of past episodes are available on VHS or DVD On Bandcamp by donation.

Link Tremendm LabsTV on Twitch

Link to Tremendm Labs YouTube channel


I made a video for my pal Nate Nelson’s American Cream project earlier this year. Minneapolis based early 70s era Miles Davis vibes. Processed stills of Petri dishes influenced by a growing concern that this COVID deal might be a long term nightmare. Yikes. https://vimeo.com/422963125


And one for Luke Tweedy’s (Flat Black Studios, Lone Tree, IA) Sinner Frenz modular synth sound system. This one was a blast, processing footage of various religious fundamentalists, et al.

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Looks freaking Sick :fire: :boom: :fire:


really dig your style. awesome work!


been making noiz and video noiz almost nightly since the Plague started…
here’s the ever growing playlist:


Collage of my 2020 patches


Alternative Version of the phantom Horse video or better first Patch, which i directly dumped on my harddisc


Great work everyone!
Been making music videos for decades, but here’s the video synthesis ones I put out last year.

Official music videos:
Wagon Christ - Alright

Daedelus - Yew and Me

and an unused outtake

Sepehr - Magma

Blue Soul - The Fog

Unofficial visual jams:
Aleksi Perälä- NLL561908703

Sepehr - Caught in a Funk

Live stream excerpts:

Leo Peringer - Live at Supervoid 6

Liz Revision - DJ set at IDP Nebleena Record Release

More to come as my second half of 2020 work still needs lots of posting to Vimeo

:grinning: :vulcan_salute:


Very cool and inspiring stuff here!

I’m a musician getting into video-synths. Here’s a video I made using the vidiot:


Excerpts from a VHS tape containing my 2020 audiovisual experiments. Vidiot and Memory Palace, integrated into a small audio setup.


i’m up to 235 vids/performances as of last night… :stuck_out_tongue:
here’s the ever growing playlist of the Astrogenic Hallucinauting - Late Night Noiz for Late Night Fiends:


My friend and I made this video for a song off his new album.


I really enjoyed this one. Very unique. Can you share how you created the effects like the dune?

Hi! Thank you! And sorry for being slow to reply :). I mixed vidiot textures with masked layers in Premiere. So the colors of the dune come from the vidiot and the shape was drawn in the computer. Those yellow burned parts of the video were created by feeding the video back into the vidiot at the end of the process.