Vidiot Patches Gallery

Because there aren’t many examples of vidiot output around, here’s a short selection of captures I made on the weekend. With the standard setup of camera input to luma -> colour. Vertical oscillator being patched into the frequency input of the horitzonal.


Getting ready for a gig. Here is a spring reverb modulating some parameters via audio in envelope follower.


first adventure with the Vidiot…

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Wow, have you done a bunch of post-processing, or are you a wizard? Are the two center bits separate vidiot captures?

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Thanks for checking out the noiz!
All of these vids I make are live broadcasts.
I primarily use the swiss army knife of video mixers…Roland VR-3EX.

The outer area is an ETC and a DU-NTSC going through an Entrancer.

The mostly green image is a Gieskes 3Trins thingie going through a BPMC modded V-8 mixer and the very center is a Vidiot with a bunch of CV patching.


Thanks for that, I appreciate the notes.

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hej there, in the video you can hear what some of the expdition series modules sound like…just pluged the outs int the mixer and twiggled some knobs… i was curouis… like the sound, kind of spherical!