AURAL SCAN is a 3 band envelope follower designed with video synthesis in mind. The module utilizes an onboard mic and preamp (with 3 gain settings via the front panel switch) for instant access to the sounds around you, but also allows you to patch mono audio directly in the 3 inputs for low, mid, and hi.

Each envelope is fed to the SCANNER sub-circuit where you can map the low through hi animations to different parts of your screen.

Each envelope is also sent to its own video rate mixer allowing you to add in extra video bits for each of the main outs Low Med Hi.

12HP - 150mA

LZX GEN3 Power Pack


I am waiting on grant money before I can buy this. Will extras be made or is it preorder only? Could I put a deposit down to have one made and then pay the rest after I receive my funds? I have already received the first disbursement, but I needed to get software to learn and a projector so that all went pretty fast.

there will be plenty. the preorder helps me purchase parts (done) and gives some people a chance to allocate resources and still receive a day one unit.


So many cool things about this design. Way beyond what I thought it was going to be, an updated Sensory Translator. Bravo

You gotta put your secret-not-so-secret patch from sensory and make a module around it with some other personal needs.


:clap: Tied to Vsync yes yes yes yes

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Money came through and it’s ordered, thank you!

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Will Aural Scan end up on modular grid? I’d like to fill that digital hole.

its private right now. as i still haven’t ordered the final panel. or done any possible led variation testing.


gettin close to release day!


Now Shipping. November


envlopes :slight_smile: (slight typo on line 5)

looks like a very useful module!

This is just so cool… super creative design. The built in scanner is the bomb

YES! scanner really hits with just a DSG and Stairs combo. Thats how i QC.
the scanner is at the core of the entire design and intention


This ended up being a complication after 5 revisions. But I’m very happy with the feature set around the initial concept of the scanner.