Video Mixer With More Than Two Layers?

I was a computer video artist for years (After Effects, C4D, Nuke, etc) before ditching that wicked machine and going “analog” ( I know it’s not completely analog). But what I miss about Premiere and other Non Linear Editors is the ability to layer more than 2 video tracks and also adjust the blend method. I presently have way too many hardware video mixers (Edirol V4, WJ-MX10, WJ-MX12, Ave7 and maybe more that I’m forgetting). But nothing I’ve ever seen let’s me layer, say, three video sources in one machine. I guess I could layer as many as I want with unlimited mixers but is there an Edirol or “better” mixer that enables you to layer more than 2 video sources and is there a mixer that enables you to adjust the blend method?

And I sincerely apologize for all the questions but I’m so addicted to this video stuff. It’s driving everyone around me crazy :joy:.


FKG-3 it! At least within the 0-1v space, chain a couple FKG’s in series to create an n level priority mixer. Works like a charm. Two FKGs gives you the ability to switch and blend between 3 RGB signals.


The only non-modular video mixer I’ve seen with more than 2 inputs was on ebay. It had 4 inputs but they all had to be synced. So they did exist.

I’ve also seen a set of SDI keyers in an ebay listing. So they also existed. The inputs were fg, bg, key and threshold. ISTR it was a set of 6 in a backplane. So you could do the same thing with a set of FKG modules.

Clearly people have been doing this for years. I suspect many people now use software, probably a video editor, to do this in post production. If you want to do this in 4K or above, that might be the only option. If SD is acceptable, then chaining old video mixers will still work. Chaining modern HD mixers should be possible too, but obviously much more expensive.

I like creating and reusing complex chains of mixing, blending and other effects, so I use FFMPEG and scripting. However, I can’t do video feedback this way, so I use hardware for that. LZX let’s me build it as a patch, but the kind of video mixer you’re looking for could’ve also worked for me. However, the LZX solutions I use may work better for me. I have the triple video multimode filter module and find this is the special ingrediant I need for my feedback patches. I’ve seen nothing like it in any stand-alone video mixer.


Would the Edirol V-440HD work for you?

This is very common on current broadcast consoles where you will have one M/E feed down to another down to another etc. Within the euro rack video synth world it is also possible. A FKG3 is essentially a 2 in 1 out compositor that can fade between sources or key to composite differently. If you take the output of one FKG3 into the input you can then add a 3rd source or ‘layer’ in NLE speak.
Marble Index and Visual Cortex also offer different blending modes which are pretty great. So it is available. And everything described above is all RGB.

My rack is set up in this manner. Starting from the end I have a VC. Working backwards each channel of the VC is fed by a MI and the A channel of each MI is fed by a VBM (or module of similar function like SMX3). I haven’t worked FKG3 into the workflow but it will fit in there and let the LZX tree grow more branches.


You’ll have a very hard time finding one at a decent price though.



Wow! That video mixer is incredible! The per-channel preview screens are particularly amazing. What a workspace!

Just what I was thinking. I wish I held on to my VIXID


Omg, I want this! Where do I look?

I see one come up for sale maybe every 18 months to 2 years or so, in the usual places (here, Scanlines, eBay, ReVerb, FB video groups, etc.).

Last time I saw one for a price I personally consider tempting was ~5 years ago. Wish I had bought that one. Oh well.

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