Vessel: Powering MP via 2.1mm DC jack

Internal 12VDC 2.1mm DC jack connector allows powering peripherals inside the case from the external power brick instead of the EuroRack power rails. This power output is compatible with Liquid TV.

Hello friends,

Could you recommend a product for powering the Memory Palace via the internal 2.1mm DC jack? I assume any 2.1mm male to male will provide power, but wondering if you guys have a brand or distributor that might work best for the sake of protecting ol’ MP.

Any will work. For example:

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When powering the MP via the DJ jack on it’s rear panel, does the device also need to have the ribbon cable attached to the power source? Currently, when only the DC jumper cable is connected, the device does not power on.

(For reference, I have tried a few difference jumper cables with my Vessel with LZX power source. The device powers as expected when connected solely by the ribbon cable, or by both the ribbon cable and the DC jumper cable to the power supply.)

Memory Palace requires connection to the power bus (as it has a small negative voltage pull), but using the DC barrel will take care of the module’s +12V needs.
TBC2 and Chromagnon can be powered without connecting to the power bus.