Vessel 1/8 side jacks

  • Two RCA bulkheads on the right diagonal face allow connection to backplane RCA sync connections, so multiple cases can distribute video sync signals to each other. The bulkheads could be used for any desired signals, if video sync distribution is not needed.

with a visual cortex in a vessel case what should you expect to see coming out at the two 1/8 jacks on the side of the vessel? Are the 1/8 jacks just additional representations of the RCA jacks?

The 1/8th inch jacks connect directly to the CV/Gate bus on the Malekko busboard. Visual Cortex (with the appropriate switches engaged on the rear of the module) sends H/V sync out to these busses. Prismatic Ray is the only module that receives these signals, so if you don’t have Prismatic Rays in different cases from your Cortex you don’t need to worry about it. If you do want to use it, use a 3.5mm TRS cable (stereo mini jack.)

Does the Castle VCO function in the same manner as the PR on this issue?