How do I synchronize two or more EuroRack video synth cases?

I’m expanding to a second rig, both with video and audio modules and I will need everything synchronized.

What equipment will I need for this and is there anything else I need to consider?


Some solutions, a list:

  1. Some modules require sync and others do not, so one solution is to keep all the modules which require sync in the same case. Then you can patch freely without worrying about it.

  2. If both skiffs have Visual Cortex, you can sync them by patching any video out from the master Visual Cortex to the front facing input decoder section of the slaved Visual Cortex (make sure the sync switch is set to “decoder” on the rear of the module for this to work.)

  3. If you want to send sync to rear RCA connections, you could make your own bulkhead panel using jacks like these:

And drilling holes in a blank EuroRack frontpanel like this:


That’s great to know that if I keep synced modules together I can freely add more skiffs!

Thanks Lars :slight_smile:

I need to send sync into and out of a Doepfer A110G6 … so my only option is the DIY blank panel deal? I’ve searched, but come up with no suitable retail product available. No one manufactures passive Eurorack panels with dumb RCA jacks???

but they appear to be out of stock…

Cool, it appears that the seller is taking a break from selling, but I’ve requested email notification when they return.