RCA Sync Adapter Panel

Has anyone made a simple 4 hp panel for repatching internal sync connections without opening the case, or for patching from case to case? Also has anyone identified a passthrough RCA socket connector with sockets on both sides, for panel mounting?

I believe Syntonie VU001 Quad Distribution module has a rear mounted RCA socket for sync distribution. Syntonie - Video DIY

This is probably the cleanest DIY solution available but it wouldn’t be difficult to drill a blank panel and attach a panel mount RCA connector yourself!


Yes. This is very simple and easy to do with a 4hp blank panel and some rca bulkheads from amazon. Dril a hole in the blank and screw on the bulkhead

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PulpLogic 1U/6hp blanks and Switchcraft BPJJ04X bulkhead jacks.


You could also install a recessed dish panel with D panel mounts into your case like this:

I used these for passthrough RCA connectors:

I drilled out some D panel mount blanks and screwed them in.

The RJ45 (8P8C?) connectors are currently distributing 14 pin sync but maybe H/V power bus sync too, I’m figuring it out. It doesn’t seem that odd/even or burst are actually used on any modules, apart from odd/even being buffered as a frame sync output on Cadet I.


Wow! Someone knows that the connector commonly called an RJ45 is actually an 8p8c! I’ve given up trying to fight that battle (as it seems you have as well)

I have a couple of these video sync panels. Robb seems to take long breaks from his shop, but message him and see what’s up.

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I have also used the ProCraft ones to transfer sync between cases, but they are unnecessarily tall on both sides.

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