Sync RCA jack parts

Hey folks!
I just got a visual cortex used from a friend, and I finally need to add sync rca connectors to my mantis cases to run sync between them.
Rather than use a euro rack panel, I’d like to get parts and add them to the case.
Can anyone recommend rca female to female parts for this use case that may have done something similar?

Also can someone please remind me of the simple neon clear green euro rack sync panel someone put out. Worst case I could order that and use it’s parts.

Thank you!

Have a look for RCA bulkhead or RCA pass-thru connectors. Here’s what I used to send RCA sync between my cases:


I used Switchcraft BPJJ04AUX on my cases, which is available from Mouser.

The neon green sync panel you are thinking of is likely the Trash Team video sync:

Yep, I make those green (and orange) things. I get my parts from Monoprice. I bought in bulk to get the price down. I originally made them for me, but when I posted a pic a few people were interested so I put them up on Etsy. I just didn’t want to drill into cases knowing I would upgrade to the new vessels. So, there you have it.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I ordered these switchcraft via digikey.
Adding holes to my mantis cases soon.
Including a hdmi sized hole for Hypno’s output.
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